About Us

Why Uruguay?

Switch is a custom application development firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay - holding commercial offices in Chicago, Austin, and Denver.

Montevideo, Uruguay in South America is home to our Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Testers, and PMs - about 130 employees total, all working Nearshore just +1 hour ahead of ET.

Our current home base is in Punta Carretas, an upscale neighborhood of Montevideo. We are proud to have grown out of our home offices several times as our company has grown in numbers - always keeping the same passion for technology and inclusion held closely.

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We are Switch

For over a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best work environment for our people.
We commit to investing in partners (internal and external) who we share values with.

Our Values

Close Relationships with Partners

Close Relationships
with Partners

We are selective about our partners, only investing in those who we share values with - always with a long-term focus built on doing what we say.


Psychological Safety

Our employees trust each other, at every level of the organization. High performing teams need more than the right skills - they need to be comfortable being themselves.


Honesty & Transparency

Our style of collaboration has proved to be a very welcome change to an IT outsourcing industry known for 'throwing people at projects'.

Fluid Communication


All departments committed to prompt communication for our partners, and clear communication of our vision and objectives to our team.

Exceptional Environment + Positive Culture

Exceptional Environment +
Positive Culture

We invest in cutting-edge equipment, comfortable office space, and believe in a positive growth mindset that starts from the top.

Our People

We care about our people and investing in their success.

Corporate Locations and Partners

Our headquarters and where we house all of our developers. Montevideo is one of the top rated cities in Latin America in terms of quality of life. Politically and economically stable, it presents a perfect scenario for offshore software development.

IT Security
Uruguay ranks third in the Americas region according to the Global Cybersecurity Index by the ITU.

Government IT Support
“One Laptop Per Child” initiative in 2007 committed to provide one laptop to every single child in the country.

IT Connectivity
Uruguay is the regional leader in technological infrastructure, both in terms of connectivity, internet access and ICT development index.
Is at nearly 100% fiber optic coverage as a country, guaranteeing a fast download speed
100% of public educational centers have Internet access
Via an investment project by Google, since 2017 Uruguay has an underwater direct fiber optic cable connection with the US, which means a major advance in infrastructure for sovereignty and knowledge.

Location & Collaborative Culture
Its time zone and cultural affinity make it easy to do business with large global markets such as the USA. As opposed to other popular offshore destinations like India, most Uruguayans are comfortable with being ‘direct’ at work, and not afraid to speak up when a task isn’t actually viable.

Stable context
Uruguay is a country with a history of political, democratic and social stability, and macroeconomic strength. According to The Economist Global Democracy Index (EIU) is ranked #13.

Digital pioneer country
Uruguay is the only country in South America that belongs to the D9; D9 is a group of nine countries that are digital pioneers. Currently, D9 has four focus areas: digital ID, digital rights, artificial intelligence and data 360°.

ICT outstanding development
The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) segment has had an early development in Uruguay; in 2017 it was named the most advanced nation in ICTs in the Region with a strong export profile that places it in a prominent position in the region. The country is the largest software exporter per capita in South America and the third in absolute terms.
With just over 3.4 million people, Uruguay counts on a community of 1000+ technology companies.

We choose the Rocky Mountain vibes to establish our newest office in the US, leveraging our partnership with Thrive, a company who we share more than just business with, we share core values.

Tech-related employment in the Denver metropolitan area increased by 5,000+ new jobs in the past two years (2018 and 2019), according to CITA (Computer Industry Technology Association).

Major corporations have opened tech offices there recently (Amazon, 2019), citing demand for tech employment as a reason for choosing Denver.

Forbes ranked Colorado the best workforce in the nation in 2016 and 2017.

Colorado consistently ranks in the top five in the US in the highest concentration of STEM degrees.

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Shared Growth + Shared Values

Switch's Denver office is located in Englewood, CO at Thrive Workplace. Thrive is a Denver-based workplace community who has won awards for empowering entrepreneurs and innovators. Both Switch and Thrive value mutual growth, family-oriented business, among other shared values emerged over time.

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The windy city hosts one of our newest commercial offices. Located in the suburbs, 25 minutes from O'Hare International Airport, this office helps us to support our partners on the east coast.

Since 2013, Chicago's tech pool has grown 10.5 percent to 166,620 - making it the 6th largest tech market in the country in terms of employment, according to CBRE Group.

1871, a start-up incubator located in the heart of downtown, ranked first in the world in the 2018 UBI Global list of Top University-Affiliated Business Incubators.

IT is Chicago’s fastest-growing sector, encompassing over 130,000 employees across over 13,000 companies.

We chose the vibrant, innovative “silicon hills” of Austin, TX to establish our first North American office and legal entity in 2016.

The Austin tech industry has grown by nearly 25% in the past five years, and nearly 30% in the past 10 years, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

A top destination for millennials and start-ups alike, Austin is a well-known hub for an innovation culture.

A report by CBRE shows employment in Austin’s tech sector soared 22.5 percent, or 10,000 new jobs, in just two years between 2017 - 2018.