Allied World

Staff Augmentation to scale up IT
capabilities within an Insurance Company

Key facts


Dedicated Teams






4 years


Throughout 4 years we provided Allied World with cost-effective IT teams to help achieve their business goals.

01.The Client

Allied World Assurance Company Holdings Ltd (AWAC), through its subsidiaries, is a global provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions. They operate under the brand Allied World and have supported clients and trading partners with thoughtful service and meaningful coverages since 2001.

They are a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, an international holding company of Canadian origin listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which provides property and casualty insurance, reinsurance, and financial services management.


+20 years of service and coverages

02.The Challenges

Allied World relies heavily on offshore IT providers to provide cost-effective bandwidth. Allied worked in a difficult time zone and had retention problems.

In 2016 they started developing their new software, and were looking for a team of developers to work with their in-house staff. It was initially for only two applications, but then expanded into more projects.

They needed developers to work on the front end of their software, while the in-house team worked on the back end.

It was imperative to find candidates highly experienced in remote work and available to work in a similar time zone, that could onboard quickly and seamlessly with its existing teams.

03.The Solution

We helped Allied with our unique nearshore staffing experience, by assigning 20 team members, fully dedicated, to scale up their development “muscle”.

We have provided front & backend developers (Angular, .NET, C#), ETL developers (SQL Server), designers, testers, and DevOps (Docker & Azure).

The team designed the platform’s UI and polished its integration system. We served as the architects for the UI and revamped the interface for the application.

Then our partnership expanded to provide Data Analytics talent as well.


+3 years Started as a one-month trial, and evolved into a contact for more than three years.

20People working for AWAC. Front & backend developers, ETL developers, designers, testers, and DevOps.

Near 100%Retention for the 2-20+ person team over 4 years.


SQL Server

Web apps

Our team was tasked to polish the integration system and develop the UI for all the AWAC systems. To do this, we served as the architect of design for the UI and revamped the interface for the application.

04.The Results

Our relationship started as a one-month trial and evolved into a contract for more than three years.

With our team, all working +2 hours ahead of CT from Montevideo, Uruguay, AWAC got to have almost the entire workday to communicate in real time.

Retention stayed near 100% for the 2-20+ person team over 4 years, something almost unheard of in the offshore IT world.

The cost reduction and improved productivity related to the retention figures above, have positively impacted AWAC revenues.

Our cultural alignment resulted in a strong foundation of trust built and maintained, as Allied World scaled its strategic application development growth initiatives.


Switch Software Solutions is open and honest. They aren’t afraid to confront or present alternate suggestions and solutions when necessary. They take ownership and treat our projects as their own. Their team is professional and easy to communicate with. As far as finishing projects on time and dealing with usual issues or bugs go, they’ve been team players.


Former VP Shared Services Manager, Allied World