Staff augmentation for subscription
management software

Key facts


Dedicated Teams


Custom Software Dev.


SaaS (Businesses)


3 months


We have been a cost-effective nearshore partner, delivering onshore collaboration capabilities, when and how Chargify needs it.

01.The Client

Chargify is a funded start-up in Texas whose product distributes recurring payments and subscriptions to fast-growth companies using its SaaS payments platform. For over 10 years, Chargify has enabled thousands of businesses to manage the recurring revenue lifecycle.

Chargify's mission is to help SaaS businesses thrive. B2B SaaS businesses are on the rise, and the market is getting more competitive every day, so partners like Chargify are needed to achieve sustainable growth in today’s market.

Chargify combines great technology, subscription expertise, and a customer service ethos to solve real-world problems and their vision is to become the operating system for a subscription business.

The platform integrates with main software, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, NetSuite, or Zapier, and allows custom integrations as well, to ensure companies have up-to-date information in their preferred system.

Texas, USA

+10 years of service

02.The Challenges

In order to improve customer experience, they needed a key release to optimize one of the main touchpoints: a customizable "drop-in" Javascript library, to allow their customers to sign up their end users in a new way.

They lacked in-house bandwidth for this new project.

As a startup, they were unable to compete with more prominent brands when it comes to staffing and even if possible they needed to equip their business with reliable experts for a specific and short project.

So they decided to outsource this software development with nearshore staff augmentation to help them develop a drop-in Javascript library that allows merchants to capture credit card data on their own website without the PCI burden

The main challenges to cope with when creating the Javascript library were:

To receive credit card data / Bank information.

To receive data marked as optional.

To perform validations

To receive a One-time Token.

03.The Solution

Staff augmentation was the solution as this was a very specific project that required special skills exclusive to that project. Through this engagement type, they could temporarily add those IT Javascript experts and cut them once the project was completed, avoiding as well all the hassle of the recruiting process.

For this project Switch top-notch front and backend developers (Angular, React, PHP), manual testers, and DevOps have integrated directly with Chargify’s in-house development team, including the usage of the same tools for testing, development, and collaboration as requested by the client.

The team partnered with the in-house development team, which handled the backend development of the new Javascript library.

Our team was given specific requirements the company had for the end product and we handled the design and the development of the front end.

The solution was creating a lightweight, browser-compatible Javascript library, hosted by Chargify, which will be capable to create on the merchant page (in a specific HTML element) a control to capture credit card/bank information, and adding particular information depending on who is using it.

The library was to render an iFrame that validates all the information possible, and handles all the information, which will be sent to Chargify’s API.

The API creates a single-use Token and retrieves it to the library, so after that, Chargify can manage the payment in their PCI Compliance infrastructure and the merchant only has to send the token.



04.The Results

With Switch, they had a cost-effective, nearshore partner delivering onshore collaboration capabilities, when and how they needed it.

The client was very happy with the solution: the new Javascript library has been a huge hit with both existing and new customers, and the in-house team highlighted the quality of the code and how it has been written, which makes it easy for them to maintain it long-term.

Staffing from Switch granted access to the specific development knowledge of the whole Hub and our prior expertise in working for similar industries and projects.

Our developers can be expected to understand the business, and in this case, Switch’s proven experience dealing with credit card payments was crucial to the project’s success.

In addition, our prior Javascript expertise enabled the team to use Vanilla JS, reducing dependencies, which was a plus in terms of development, avoiding risks, and simplifying future issues.

Chargify IT team highlighted the high-quality code and that it was written in a way easy to read, understand, change, and maintain.


They're very professional and handled their side of the project seamlessly. They were able to manage everything themselves. They have excellent developers and project managers who do high-quality work.


Former Product Manager, Chargify