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Revamped website for a leap
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Having a perfect website was a must for the company’s success. They dreamed it and we designed and built it without hassle and delays.

01.The Client

Logisyn Advisors is a global Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting from Chicago, that creates synergistic partnerships across the logistics industry.

Their experts help logistics companies to find the mergers & acquisitions solution for them, to manage the M&A process, and maximize their value.

Chicago, USA

125+ Years of Logistics Experience

200+ Deals Successfully Closed

02.The Challenges

Logisyn's challenge, at the moment they contact us in 2019, was mainly to update their old website to reflect changes in their business that have occurred over the previous year.

The website was so central to the company's sales and marketing, that having the perfect website was a must.

The perfect website implied:

UX/UI: simple and clean layout.

Easy-use navigation

Mobile responsiveness

Improved performance

We all know how relevant user engagement is for a company's success, don’t you?

03.The Solution

Switch designed and developed the initial website and later went on to build the new update, among multiple projects.

After discussing the information of interest and web sections with the client, we refined and curated the content alongside them to make it visually appealing and boost its readability.

We decided to go for a simple and straight-forward approach when delivering the information, while staying loyal to the client's branding and tone.

An important challenge of the new website was SEO. We worked alongside SEO specialists to ensure both our content and code were up to the task. We also put a huge emphasis on accessibility, as it is both vital for the experience our end users and an underrated but integral factor when it comes to SEO.

This, paired with the implementation of advanced analytics and monitoring tools, would let us maximize our performance and easily measure our success.

A custom back-office was also developed for the client to easily manage the website's dynamic content. This includes adding, editing and deleting users and articles displayed in the page.

After its first release, we worked together on different instances in order to update contents of the site and add new sections or features.


2 Products developed: Main website (later on with its updates) and a Backoffice to manage its content.

+5 People have worked in the project: UX/UI, Front & Back end developers, DevOps.




We designed and developed Logisyn's website, dividing the content in 6 main sections:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Clients
  • News & resources
  • Contact page

Possibly the main highlight of the website is its usage of tailor-made animation, images and vector graphics, which were finely tuned to ensure the level of performance and fast loading times we desired. With the addition of high amounts of dynamic content, this posed a challenge we were able to resolve thanks to our expertise in current web technologies and practices.


Thanks to the custom-made backoffice, Logisyn's staff can easily manage all dynamic contents of the website in real time. They can publish news and resources with the addition of images and built-in customizable SEO and accessibility options like meta tags and alternative texts for images. The system also includes a robust user management module to manage permissions within the organization.

04.The Results

It seems the perfect website they were asking for has been a reality. They dreamed it and we made it.

Since the first deployment we did, Logisyn has received multiple compliments from clients about the website, and after the recent updates, they have seen a big leap in the site engagement rate, credited to the work we did.

The new website also kickstarted a drive to improve the online presence of the company, which is now considerably stronger thanks to the combined efforts of their website, their social media and their newsletter.



I think what separates them from traditional development companies is how much they seem to care about us. They consistently simplify the process and handle the development without making our lives difficult.


Business Development Manager.