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We assigned to Skriply a diverse and talented UX/UI Design team with deep expertise to deliver useful ideas, resources, and best practices, to be able to enhance user experience and prepare a compelling visual material to convince investors.

01.The Client

Skriply is a digital media company with offices in London and Prague; it’s a digital marketplace that brings content creators and content consumers together.

Their mission is to help independent journalists, media creators, and bloggers in the Creator Economy, who are looking for more ways to increase their earning potential, by giving them control over their monetization options. Creators can set their own subscription models, promote themselves, and engage directly with users.

They aim to bring reliable news and information sources back to the thousands of towns and communities that have lost local coverage.

And to offer people a chance to monetize their talents, make money on the side or even embark on a new career. Especially giving people in economically depressed areas the opportunity to form their own micro news companies and generate income.


News & information startup

02.The Challenges

Skriply hired Switch to help design the UI and UX concepts for its new media marketplace.

Above that, Skriply was to face a fundraising campaign so they needed collaboration and advice to prepare a visual pitch deck to present the message and concept to investors visually.

They needed special resources with specific expertise and know-how about the best way to address the project, how to enhance user experience, and prepare a compelling material to convince investors.

03.The Solution

Skriply needed design concepts for a new publishing platform for a mobile device.

We assigned a diverse and talented UX/UI Design team with deep expertise to deliver useful ideas, resources, and best practices.

We approached the process as follows:

Define the problem: We worked closely with the Skriply team to find out the real needs that have to be solved, whose pain points there are along the way, and why we should solve them.

Conduct research: We researched competitors and studied similar projects, taking note of opportunities for improvement and positive outcomes.

Brainstorm and conceptualize: Even if the client came with some conceptual ideas, we didn’t limit ourselves to those; our Design team added value by sharing their own ideas and improving those proposed by them. We all worked together to hash out and choose the design ideas that best suited the project.

Create prototypes: We used them to test those final concepts and find new areas of improvement before signing off.


Research process Following a “blue ocean” strategy, we analyzed the competition and user behavior to find out what we needed to focus on with both the product and marketing.

Additional media In addition to the app concept, we created presentations, videos, a pitch deck, and other promotional materials.

Mobile app concept

We designed an interactive prototype of the future Skripy app covering all the main functionalities:

  • Customizable news feed and search.
  • Reading and subscription experiences.
  • Deals club (marketplace).
  • Live chat, podcasts and video streaming.

04.The Results

The exhaustive work of our design experts, working closely with the Skriply co-founder, managed to:

  • Incorporate new ideas into the project, fully aligned with the objectives needed to be accomplished.

  • Have a better product concept, above the client’s expectations.

  • Create a visual pitch deck presentation and video to persuade investors.

The outstanding experience gave us the opportunity to be working during 2023 on a new project with them.


From my experience of working with Switch team, to the quality of the services rendered, I’d say this company is top-notch.


Co-Founder, Skriply