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We have collaborated with Ta-Ta to achieve lower costs and improve value propositions through software.

01.The Client

Ta-Ta Holdings is one of the biggest companies in Uruguay and includes different business units: Ta-Ta Supermarkets, BAS Clothing Stores, Multiahorro Home Center, WoOw e-commerce platform, and San Roque Pharmacies.

More than 60 years ago they opened doors in Uruguay, driven by improving the quality of life of all Uruguayan families. Since then, they have been able to grow their business with solid foundations and today they are present in the whole country with their business units. They believe in innovation, attention to detail and continuous improvement to provide their customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations and transforms customers into life-long ones.

We had previously worked with them on another initiative, so they already knew our technical expertise and our collaborative way of working. We also shared some key values such as a commitment to positively impact people’s lives, being customer-oriented, having a growth mindset, and promoting innovation and tech to enhance efficiency. As such, they decided to partner with us again when this new opportunity arose.


+60 years of service

5 different business units

02.The Challenges

Digital transformation within the retail industry was forcing Ta-Ta to adopt new technologies and rely on software initiatives before they get left behind.

Ta-Ta has its loyalty program, Plus, and they were seeking to develop an application to enhance its direct communication with Plus community users.

They were looking for an app that creates added value for their community and delivers unique functionalities while increasing conversion.

Tata challenges

03.The Solution

PLUS Community App was developed with features like Plus Points, Coupons Consultation, Transfer and Exchange, and Online Price Check through barcodes, among others.

Push notifications are key for increasing conversion rate, so the app was integrated with Analytics and Marketing Cloud tools , as well as geolocation components to enable them. We have developed a specific back office that allows visualization and control for every action performed through the app.

The app was initially developed using Ionic, a framework that allowed us to quickly create and refine our MVP based of web technologies.

Later on, Ionic started to show some limitations when we wanted to implement more advanced features and accommodate a larger user base. Because of that, the app was later rebuilt in React Native, allowing us to improve its performance considerably, while gaining the advantages and flexibility of working with a more complete framework.

Product type:


2 Products launched: The ”Plus” mobile app, and a Backoffice for administrators to manage the app's content.

+1,500,000Clients of Ta-Ta supermarkets: in other words, our expected userbase. The app had to be built to sustain and manage data of this magnitude.


React Native

Mobile app

The application works as a medium for their “free benefits” program, which involves the business units of Ta-Ta Supermarkets, BAS and Multi Ahorro Hogar. The app gives its users free access to personalized discounts, special prices and a points reward system, which can be accumulated and exchanged for products as a type of currency.

As well as that, the app includes other features such as geolocation for stores, points transferences, price checking via barcode scanner and a tool to keep track of the user’s purchases and savings while using the app.

04.The Results

After going live successfully, we continue working with additional app features, as the app is a key player in their business digital strategy.

We understand the importance of ongoing support and maintenance in ensuring the long-term success of digital products. So, we are providing timely and effective Continuous Development support, with a fully dedicated team through staff augmentation, to address any challenges that may arise as well as to tackle new requirements that are added to a Backlog in any of their Projects.

They have plenty of projects and most of the developers are supporting 2-3 projects each and are assigned by Ta-Ta leaders to each project as needed.


+50,000Active users



They delivered in the agreed time with excellent quality and always added value.


Software Manager, Ta-Ta Supermarkets