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Our Expertise

We cannot show all our work due to space constraints, and some projects or clients want to be kept confidential. So, the best advice is to contact us and we can share then how we have helped people from your industry to make their businesses thrive.

We have been collaborating with many industries, but if we have no experience in yours we are versatile enough to make a quick immersion in your business and get to know it in such a way that we can offer the best solution.

Tech is really dynamic and we are incorporating new technologies into our stack quite often, so it could be possible that some new techs are currently missing from our website. Please contact us and let us know about your preferred tech and we wil let you know if we can handle it.

One fits all does not work in tech. We analyze with our clients the context, their needs, and priorities, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and finally agree on the best option for each case.

Native apps have some advantages like superior performance and an all-around better and enhanced user experience. However, we highly recommend hybrid ones (85% of our mobile development is done with React Native), as they are a better option in terms of development and maintenance costs and time to market.

Indeed 98% of our projects have been developed under agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban (the framework is defined based on the project’s needs). However, we keep our client’s needs and expectations as our priority, so we adapt as much as possible to our clients, as long as this does not have a significant impact on our outcome.

How we work

We highly recommend including a Discovery phase within any project, as we consider it an important step in the product development life cycle as it sets a solid foundation for a digital project, but it depends on the client and project basically.

Read more about Discovery here.

The Account Executives and the overall team will help you to determine the engagement type that suits your project.

It depends on the requirements if it is a one-time project or ongoing work with potential changes; if it is just one or various projects, the working flexibility and velocity you expect, as well as your technical and managerial capabilities.

Our team has periodic meetings, internal and with clients, to evaluate how the project is going, resources status, trying to be proactive to identify possible problems, and to be able to give feedback to both sides.

The most important thing for us is communication; we think is the basis for any good relationship, so we try to be constant, clear, and above all transparent.

We try to minimize this risk by working closely with the client to clearly identify the profile needed in terms of technical and soft skills, tasks to be carried out, and cultural fit. However, if either of the 2 parties is not happy with the assignment, firstly we try to find out why is not working and if possible we tackle the issue.

We consider the replacement as the last option as we know how costly it could be for team productivity and efficiency.

Outsourcing / Nearshoring

Great local technical talent is expensive and difficult to hire and retain, especially in places like the USA and across non-IT industries.

Augmenting your Software Development capacity eliminates this recruiting headache and boosts your capacity in days. No need to say that staff rotation within IT talent is outstanding, so you could find yourself facing this issue on a regular basis.

You can focus on your core business while we take care of the recruiting, hiring, training, benefits, and salary of the staffed team.

The salary and benefits scheme of IT professionals is quite “aggressive”, and through staffing, you can avoid affecting equity within your organization.

On top of that it gives you the flexibility to adapt your “IT muscle” to your needs and to take advantage of our know-how and expertise as a software company.

We work basically for local Uruguayan companies and US clients. Our clients describe working with us as a unique Nearshore software development experience.

Nearshore for us goes beyond location or time zone. It has to do with our collaboration model, our work culture fit, and being able to blend into one team.

It results in a strong foundation of trust, which once built is maintained as our clients scale their strategic application development growth initiatives. Our style of collaboration has proved to be a very welcome change to the IT outsourcing industry.

If you are still not convinced you could review our clients’ reviews on Clutch or on this website.

This is something we have faced in the past. If a potential client comes to us to help them to keep the project on track, or be able to implement new features, scale, or modernize the existing digital products we set up a meeting to evaluate the situation, and the existing alternatives and give advice on what should be done.

We have physical offices in Austin, Denver, and Chicago.

On top of that our Commercial and Technical teams, as well as the Top Management, are periodically visiting our clients, partners, and potential clients in the USA.

When needed we can agree on a specific face-to-face meeting or even a face-to-face onboarding.

If required by the client we recruit the team in the US (a different rate card should be considered).

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