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Welcome to Transparent Collaboration

Our Nearshore experience means more than geography

Software Development outsourcing companies are not typically known for their collaboration or communication abilities. Honesty, transparency, and proactive feedback are just a few unique attributes of our team that we consistently hear from our US partners, year after year.

Unlike most other outsourced providers, we receive AND give feedback - throughout the entire application development process and engagement (methodology, tools, requirements, scope, and UI/UX) to fit into client needs and proactively add value to the partnership - resulting in significant long-term ROI.

We don't throw people at projects

Our Talent Pipeline

For over a decade, we have attracted both the brightest young engineers and experienced vets from top competitors in a variety of global industries.

Top dev talents have chosen Switch, among other factors, for an optimal work environment and engaging client dev work.

Passive and Active software development professionals seek out our brand throughout the business year, and we are always open to new talent - to those who align with our values and objectives.

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An offshore custom application development partner who delivers an onshore collaboration experience.

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Talent Attraction
and Selection

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Built over a decade, we are proud to be known as a top talent brand in Uruguay within our IT industry. We are committed to being a great workplace and to offer the best conditions to our collaborators, making our company attractive to the most talented professionals.

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We take a complete approach to talent - from technical skills to attitude, and determine if it's a fit from both talent and psychological perspectives - we build teams out of talent and passion.

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We make your selection process ours. We can adapt to different technical assessments and interviews as required, with any desired stakeholders in the selection process.

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Our completely customized process aligned with your needs + Switch work environment = nearly 100% retention rate. We take care of our people and partners.

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Recruit. Re-Tool.
Retain Talent.

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Real-time, Real feedback

Our developers are encouraged to be transparent, and speak openly about viability of projects or the task at hand, +1 hour ahead of ET.

Icon Proven Dev Talent

Proven Dev Talent

Easily recruit modern dev talent. Stop dealing with headaches from junior developers lacking fundamentals like testing, security, and task estimation.

Icon In-person Meetings

In-person Meetings

Increase collaboration by meeting in-person, about how we can improve our service, in order to minimize your risk.

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Why use Nearshore outsourcing?

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Experienced application development talent at lower costs

Access specialized talent quickly, and at lower costs than the local software developer talent market.

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Rapidly scale your dev team

Start with a team as small as 1 or 2, and build out a large high-performing team on-demand, using modern methodologies, and architectures.