Switch for Startups

Boost your team by filling in skill gaps with the
best developers South America has to offer.


    Take control of your brainchild today by focusing on the business and leaving the technology to us.

  • We enable start-up founders to build out their product, without the burden of Silicon Valley salaries or funding bottlenecks.

    Switch is well-versed in the technologies and lean methodology that launched companies like Basecamp, Slack, Shopify, AirBnB, and Square into orbit.

    Make the Switch and go to market NOW.


Your Micro-Development Center

Most startups are dependent on the development of robust software; but available, affordable, and committed developers willing to build your project from scratch are hard to find. Plus, you need more than just a software engineer - your product or platform needs UI/UX design work, full-stack development, and QA attention.

With our Micro Development Center offering, every project is dedicated at least two developers to maintain the environment for a consistent, iterative development process. Every project gets the attention of a tech lead / scrum master, who can define and manage the roadmap at a high level. Every project leans on the UI/UX and QA resources of a full-service software development company.

We provide this experience measured out by the hour based on your needs, and at a combined cost that’s less than one domestic guy. When it comes to dev talent, pricier is not better. Developing a quality, scalable, marketable product is a comprehensive process that we can equip you for.

Harness the power of a programmer, a designer, and a tester all-in-one.




Co-Founder as a Service (CFaaS)

Our management team has over 40 years of combined software development experience.

With the CFaaS model - a unique offering of Switch Software - you can leverage that experience by allowing us to lead development efforts while you focus on 'higher-level' pieces of the business.

In this offering we act as a pre-seed tech and strategy incubator - that means everything from validating business models and G2M strategies, to creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for non-technical founders.

Capitalize on our technical experience while you expand your business.

Build your MVP

Hit your Target

Validate Business Model


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