Ui/Ux Design

We help you create a user interface that requires fewer clicks to satisfy.

Make the Switch to User Engagement and Conversion

UI/UX is now THE key differentiation between a successful product and a product that no one cares about. User Interface design is a form of human communication. Our design is based on how well we can communicate - with our Western developers nearshore - we can communicate workflows and features.

Switch asks the following questions:

  • What’s the ideal end-user experience?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Which platforms should be accounted for?
  • How can we avoid a repetitive experience for the user?
  • What are the results that the features deliver?
  • How can we make the design more consistent throughout the user lifecycle?

Switch believes that a team with diverse skill-sets and abilities delivers faster, and more efficiently. As a result, we devote resources and invest in our design process - we know our deliverables require more than software engineering.

Our areas of expertise encompass the art, design, and workload processes. We have over a decade of experience fine-tuning designs a variety of audience and platform targets.


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Where are we?

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