Our Nearshore engagement model means no more miscommunication
and no more missed deadlines.


Only +1 hour ahead of New York City - no more midnight conference calls.


Tech talent with high-quality computer science programs.


Access specific technical skill-sets in a timely manner.


Close proximity to foster a healthy working relationship.


Boost your profitability by augmenting your staff abroad.


Deploy a team without lengthy recruiting times.

High Quality Universities & English Competency

Beginning in the 1960s, Uruguay has been a pioneer in the development of the IT sector in Latin America with the opening of the first IT-related universities. The Uruguayan IT industry had an early and very dynamic growth period compared to other countries in the region and a fast process of internalization that started in the 80’s, had a powerful boost in the 90’s and currently continues to progress rapidly. The modern educational system promotes and supports English competency from early stages of education including the language as one of the subjects since kindergarten. The development of English language skills is commonplace among every student, mainly because mastering the language is a very common job requirement - especially in the IT world where 84% of students enrolled in IT careers read, write and speak English fluently.

Certainty for the Security of Your Code

Security is undoubtedly one of the most urgent concerns of any modern company, with data increasingly migrating to the cloud. Data security is and should be a fundamental concern of any company considering outsourcing software development. In the United Nation’s Global Cybersecurity Index, Uruguay ranked second place in Latin America and eighth in the world. Each country in the index is examined by the following criteria: Legal Measures, Technical Measures, Organizational Measures, Capacity Building and Cooperation.

Trusted by NYSE-Listed Enterprises With Thousands of Employees

The reliability and stability of the Uruguay national IT infrastructure is further proven by global technology companies with thousands of employees, who choose to have branches or development centers in Uruguay. Medium-large sized enterprises certainly need technology partners that can meet complex requirements, but more importantly, major corporations need vendors they can trust. Multinational corporations trust in both the infrastructure and political stability of Uruguay to protect their data and scale their business.

Compatible Culture - It’s Not About Cuisine or Museums

The Uruguayan business culture is western-focused and influenced by European values which also have and do influence culture in the USA. Commitment, accountability, perceptiveness, are key similarities you can expect when working in Uruguay. More importantly, our communication style supports and enables your goals. For example, our project managers are fully capable of communicating important but potentially complex concepts such as defining the deadlines and scope of a project.


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